Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lake of the Isles Attic Build-out

Here are some shots of one of our favorite projects. It started with an unfinished attic space and some schematics from Rehkamp Larson Architects. The project included two bedrooms, a bath and an office. We also added several skylights and some built in cabinets. Everything went up two flights of stairs or as you can see, through the window!

After the project was complete, the clients were kind enough to provide letters of recommendation. Here are some excerpts:
"The project, begun in October of 2005 and completed in March of 2006, included the creation of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an office.  It also involved complicated structural reinforcements, a small 3rd floor workspace, and elaborate trim detail, all completed from only rudimentary architectural drawings."
 Built in lighting
"... the work was done professionally, carefully, and up to high standards.  The finished space looks absolutely beautiful, and we have received no end of compliments and oohs and aahs."

"There was a minimum of disruption of our daily lives, and they were always courteous and easy to work with, including being warm and friendly with our kids and our dog." 

"Despite the fact that we had few concrete plans for exactly how the space was going to turn out, Bill worked with us to help us figure it out, and he was always flexible and adaptable."

"Most importantly, we always felt that they were entirely trustworthy—they worked hard, charged fairly, billed honestly, and dealt with us professionally.  We actually miss having him around!" 
 We miss them too.

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